Tuition and Fees

Enrollment and Registration

Enrollment Fee (Per New Family) $300
Registration Fee (Per Returning Family)$150 until Feb 28
$200 March 1-26
$250 April 5-30
$300 May 1 and on


1st Child$3,950 per year
2nd Child$2,800 per year
3rd Child$2,200 per year
4th Child$1,200 per year
Tuition may be paid in full on August 1 (5% cash discount applied if paid in full by 
August 5) or paid in 10 monthly installments, August 1 – May 1.

Curriculum Fee

A curriculum fee is assessed each student ranging from $160 – $700 depending upon the child?s grade with most classes in the $500-$600 range. Depending upon the grade, the fee covers textbooks, workbooks, pre-printed tests, Iowa Test fees (annual standardized test), lab fees, technology fees, copy fees, art fees, Speedy Readers (1st and 2nd grade), and any other fees associated with a class. The amount will be published to enrolled families in early May. Fees may be paid in full by June 1 or parents may take advantage of the delayed billing option (25% non-refundable deposit due June 1; balance due July 8).