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About Us
Bethel Baptist Christian School is a ministry to the families of the Bethel Baptist Church and other churches of like faith and practice. We are dedicated to the physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual development of each young person. We desire to assist families in the important task of raising their children for the Lord and are honored to have a part in such a wonderful responsibility. Our primary goal is to produce Christians instilled with Christian character and leadership. We believe that a quality education can only be accomplished where God is welcome, and, for that reason, the Bible is incorporated in every class teaching sound Biblical values that will govern every step of the student?s life. We do not merely teach education with Biblical principles; but rather, we teach Biblical principles through education.

Admission Requirements
Bethel Baptist Christian School is a ministry of Bethel Baptist Church.? All students must be members of and attend the weekly services at?Bethel Baptist Church or another local Baptist church.? BBCS is not a public school; therefore, students not faithful to church attendance may be subject to withdrawal.??Each family must agree to abide by our standards of conduct.? In addition,?parents and?students 6th grade and above must sign a pledge of cooperation.

A student?s confirmation of admission is dependent upon the administration?s review and approval of all forms, documentation, testing scores, and interview with parents and student(s). Parents will be notified of the student?s acceptance or refusal.

All students accepted to this school are admitted on a probationary?basis to determine their capability of maintaining the academic, spiritual, and behavioral standards of the school. If the administration feels that a student is unable to conform to any of the standards of the school, he will be subject to immediate removal without refund of registration, tuition, lab fees, testing fees, or book monies.

The administration reserves the right to review applications with extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

Application Process
Prospective families must complete an application online and submit to the school office.? Upon review of the application, parents will be notified if the application was approved or denied.? If the application is approved, the school will contact the parents to schedule an interview with the principal, the parents, and the student(s).

Entrance Test
New students may be required to take an entrance test to determine proficiency in English, math, and reading.

Upon acceptance, a registration fee must be paid in order to reserve a place for the student in the classroom.? Receipt of the non-refundable registration fee and required documents and forms, registers a student for school. ?The registration fee will be refunded only if the school is unable to accept the student or if a military family receives orders to another location.

Registration fees for new families for the current school year are as follows:

  • $300 per family

Fill out a?New Student Application?here.